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Stay relaxed as your X9 Smart Security always stays active in the background to ensure no new software, activity, or file remains unchecked.

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System Protection

X9 Smart Security provides comprehensive security to the network by detecting and removing all types of existing and potential e-threats and malicious attacks.

Hacker Protection

The powerful tool guards your computer against hacker attacks and unauthorized access, making sure your confidential info doesn't get into others' hands.

Privacy Protection

Along with taking care of your digital devices, X9 Smart Security also remains watchful all the time to keep your online privacy completely secure.

Keep your Network Secure and Virus-Free

The advanced, multi-layered technology of X9 Smart Security is packed with all bare-bones network security features that provide complete protection against cyber-threats.


Phishing Attack Protection

Phishing attacks can put you in real danger. No worries! The anti-phishing service immediately notifies you whenever something suspicious comes up.


USB Protection

With X9 Smart Security, no USB or external device can bring malware to your system as it immediately starts scanning whenever it detects a connection.


Real-Time Scanning

The real-time scanner keeps checking whenever you access a file or your computer uses one to ensure nothing remains undetected from its watchful eyes.


Firewall Protection

The tool comes with powerful fireless protection, determining which data packets can enter or leave your network or which content your kids can access.


Pop-up Blocker

X9 Smart Security is an all-in-one utility that provides complete web satisfaction by even blocking the unwanted pop-ups that can distract or harm potentially.


Smart Scanning

Having the ultra-powerful smart scanning feature, the X9 knows well which apps and programs need immediate action and which ones can pose little danger.

Automatic Updates

The automatic update feature ensures that the smarter and more secure version of the tool replaces the outdated one without the user undergoing the hassle.

Powerful Security Features Bundled in an All-in-One Package

When it comes to your network and system protection, X9 Smart Security protects remains uncompromised. This advanced cyber-protection suite keeps your digital environment completely virus-free and secure. With a 99.7% virus detection rate, X9 Smart Security offers features like top-drawer system protection through smart and real-time scanning from privacy surge, hackers, and phishing attacks. So, when it shows "Your computer is secure," you can trust blindly.

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